The really scary thing…

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Zombie Cover

Zombie Cover

The really scary thing no one tells you about life and your career is that you never arrive. Nope. Of course if you “settle,” then you end up a vegetable: a carrot growing in some cubicle farm somewhere. You punch a clock, collect your paycheck, kiss the boss’ behind, keep your mouth shut until you get laid off and have to start the whole process over again. Joy.

“But I’m going to create a kick-ass piece of software or an app for the freaking iPhone, sell it and retire!” Yeah. You and how many other teenagers? The truth? Even if you create that software, build the best mousetrap or even win the freaking lotter:  ONE thing never changes. You’re only as good as the last best thing you did. If you aren’t staying hungry, unsatisfied, out there looking, digging, and hustling, you’re dead.

‘Cause the guy who is hungry, really hungry, already has YOU in his sights. And he’s closing fast, babycakes. Like a ZOMBIE. He’s on your ass. And it is grass.

Tasty Flesh Zombies

If you’re not hungry, not looking for more, better, different, then you’re cooked. ‘Cause the rest of the world is doing just that. Yeah, “Do it Now” is a lesson. Do it Now or it won’t get done and you sure won’t win. But if you just “Do it Now,” like “just make a decision,” or “get married,” or “start a new career” or whatever it is…that’s JUST the first step.

It’s STAYING HUNGRY that makes you keep doing it. And every step of the way – yeah, be thankful. Some days, like the days you get to eat, the days you break even…heck, especially the days you make a profit or pull ahead:  Thank EVERYBODY! No one gets anywhere without gratitude dude.

So STAYING HUNGRY is the meta-concept. And “Do it Now” and “Be Thankful” fall under that. Those two lessons are important. Staying hungry is CRITICAL.

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Restaurant owner Debra Bankes stays hungry

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What staying hungry means to me

by Debra Bankes

Stay Hungry

Don’t believe me?  That’s ok.  I’ll have your tummy growling in 60 seconds.

So, you have a business.  Things a bit tough?  Well, it can get a lot tougher if you don’t keep charging like a bull.

Here’s one of my stories……..

Got tired of the measly corporate meals.  Decided to quit and buy a Pizza Restaurant.  Always wanted to be “self-employed.”

The first three years were brutal.  Couldn’t even afford a bar of soap.  Now, we were up against the big boys.  Pizza Hut, Domino’s, you know.

I would sit in an empty Restaurant crying for customers.  That didn’t help.

We tried everything. Couponing the neighborhoods in an old Datsun pick-up .……with no air conditioning……. in Florida.

Nothing was working except for my sweat glands.

Our old Middleby Marshall Conveyor oven heated the kitchen up to 108 degrees during the summer.  Our two employees couldn’t tolerate the heat.  I had to.  So, we took kitchen towels, soaked them and stuck them in the freezer.  That was our new hat – to keep our body temperatures down.

We were exhausted and beaten.  I believe it was about 2 ½ years after we got into the “pizza business.” that we had had enough.  I decided to close the doors.  It was on a Sunday.  I called my two employees and told them.

Then I sat a cried some more.

Getting REAL HUNGRY means a lot.  Like ditching your pride.  I called the couple that we had bought the business from.  We had a Promissory Note with them.  We were in hock about $35,000.00.  I told the couple that we needed to meet with them.

Now, we’ve always paid our bills and never asked folks for anything.  But, this was our “bottom.”

I took the Restaurant keys and slid them across the table and said, “We’ve tried everything.  We cannot make this work.”

Then, I cried some more; embarrassed and feeling like a TOTAL FAILURE.

The couple said, “Maybe we can work something out.”
My HUNGER for the Restaurant kept me in the room.  To listen.  I felt like a beggar.  But, I WAS HUNGRY!  I wanted my little pizza shop.

It would have been a lot easier to just mail the keys and “give up.”  No, I had to put my pride away.  I had to face the beast – FAILURE.

Tummy growling yet?

Betcha wanna know what happened, eh?

Well, this wonderful couple asked if we “could make it work by reducing the Promissory Note.”  They knew how hard we had worked and tried to keep the doors open.

I cried.  I crawled under the table.  I was a mess.

We accepted their kind “reduction on the Promissory Note.”  The couple slid the keys back to me.

Now, I had the same old challenge to keep the doors open.


The beast was not going to defeat me, again.

We’re in our thirteenth year.  If you want to know “how I did it,” I’d be more than happy to show you how to do it.  But you better be HUNGRY.

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One of the best presents you can give

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There are times when it feels better to cheer for the other side than to win. This amazing, true story appeared on ESPN’s website – go here for story and photos. If you can read it and not cry, you don’t get it.

Stay Hungry, Say Thanks, Have Compassion

They played the oddest game in high school football history last month down in Grapevine, Texas.

It was Grapevine Faith vs. Gainesville State School and everything about it was upside down. For instance, when Gainesville came out to take the field, the Faith fans made a 40-yard spirit line for them to run through.

Did you hear that? The other team’s fans?

They even made a banner for players to crash through at the end. It said, “Go Tornadoes!” Which is also weird, because Faith is the Lions.


It was rivers running uphill and cats petting dogs. More than 200 Faith fans sat on the Gainesville side and kept cheering the Gainesville players on—by name.

“I never in my life thought I’d hear people cheering for us to hit their kids,” recalls Gainesville’s QB and middle linebacker, Isaiah. “I wouldn’t expect another parent to tell somebody to hit their kids. But they wanted us to!”

And even though Faith walloped them 33-14, the Gainesville kids were so happy that after the game they gave head coach Mark Williams a sideline squirt-bottle shower like he’d just won state. Gotta be the first Gatorade bath in history for an 0-9 coach.

But then you saw the 12 uniformed officers escorting the 14 Gainesville players off the field and two and two started to make four. They lined the players up in groups of five—handcuffs ready in their back pockets—and marched them to the team bus. That’s because Gainesville is a maximum-security correctional facility 75 miles north of Dallas. Every game it plays is on the road.

This all started when Faith’s head coach, Kris Hogan, wanted to do something kind for the Gainesville team.

Faith had never played Gainesville, but he already knew the score. After all, Faith was 7-2 going into the game, Gainesville 0-8 with 2 TDs all year. Faith has 70 kids, 11 coaches, the latest equipment and involved parents. Gainesville has a lot of kids with convictions for drugs, assault and robbery—many of whose families had disowned them—wearing seven-year-old shoulder pads and ancient helmets.

So Hogan had this idea. What if half of our fans—for one night only—cheered for the other team? He sent out an email asking the Faithful to do just that. “Here’s the message I want you to send:” Hogan wrote. “You are just as valuable as any other person on planet Earth.”

Some people were naturally confused. One Faith player walked into Hogan’s office and asked, “Coach, why are we doing this?”

And Hogan said, “Imagine if you didn’t have a home life. Imagine if everybody had pretty much given up on you. Now imagine what it would mean for hundreds of people to suddenly believe in you.”

Next thing you know, the Gainesville Tornadoes were turning around on their bench to see something they never had before. Hundreds of fans. And actual cheerleaders!

“I thought maybe they were confused,” said Alex, a Gainesville lineman (only first names are released by the prison). “They started yelling ‘DEE-fense!’ when their team had the ball. I said, ‘What? Why they cheerin’ for us?'”

It was a strange experience for boys who most people cross the street to avoid. “We can tell people are a little afraid of us when we come to the games,” says Gerald, a lineman who will wind up doing more than three years. “You can see it in their eyes. They’re lookin’ at us like we’re criminals. But these people, they were yellin’ for us! By our names!”

Maybe it figures that Gainesville played better than it had all season, scoring the game’s last two touchdowns. Of course, this might be because Hogan put his third-string nose guard at safety and his third-string cornerback at defensive end. Still.

After the game, both teams gathered in the middle of the field to pray and that’s when Isaiah surprised everybody by asking to lead. “We had no idea what the kid was going to say,” remembers Coach Hogan. But Isaiah said this: “Lord, I don’t know how this happened, so I don’t know how to say thank You, but I never would’ve known there was so many people in the world that cared about us.”

And it was a good thing everybody’s heads were bowed because they might’ve seen Hogan wiping away tears.

As the Tornadoes walked back to their bus under guard, they each were handed a bag for the ride home—a burger, some fries, a soda, some candy, a Bible and an encouraging letter from a Faith player.

The Gainesville coach saw Hogan, grabbed him hard by the shoulders and said, “You’ll never know what your people did for these kids tonight. You’ll never, ever know.”

And as the bus pulled away, all the Gainesville players crammed to one side and pressed their hands to the window, staring at these people they’d never met before, watching their waves and smiles disappearing into the night.

Anyway, with the economy six feet under and Christmas running on about three and a half reindeer, it’s nice to know that one of the best presents you can give is still absolutely free.