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Lesson One

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Thanks to Daniel Pink for this inspiration. HIS words (from the book) are in RED.

Lesson One: There is no plan.

In Daniel Pink’s book the first lesson Johnny Bunko learns is, “There is no plan.” That carefully crafted, do A, B, C and then you’ll retire with all the money you need to travel, play golf and *enjoy* life will happen. Wrong. What happens is – LIFE happens. People die. They get fired, married, pregnant, move, get sick, discover something that interests them, change jobs, get laid off. Hate their job. Hate their boss. Hate life. Love life. Want to find themselves. Lose themselves. It happens. So, there is no plan. That’s no excuse to drop out of school, but it’s no excuse to plan yourself into a strait jacket either.

“Make smart choices,” not random ones. Diana, the magical advisor that pops up when Johnny snaps the chopsticks, explains:

You can make career decisions for two reasons – instrumental or fundamental.

Instrumental = You make a decision based on the belief it’s going to lead to something else whether you like doing it or not, or whether it’s worthwhile or not. Like getting that college degree, then going to law school – as if that plan will lead to a $100,000 a year job right out of the gate.

Fundamental = You take a job or join a company because it will let you do interesting stuff in a cool place or cool stuff in an interesting place, even though you don’t know where it will lead.

The “dirty little secret”? Instrumental reasons usually don’t work. Things are too complicated, too unpredictable. You never know what’s going to happen so you end up STUCK. The most SUCCESSFUL people — not all of the time, but MOST of the time — make decisions for FUNDAMENTAL reasons– even if they don’t know exactly where it will lead.

I dropped out of college to move to Colorado. I had $50 and a gas credit card, my backpack, a sleeping bag and camping gear and no plan whatsoever. Two weeks or so after I got there, I had a job – fixing shoes in a small strip mall shoe shop. The job involved resoling shoes, repairing saddles (this was in cowboy country remember) and doing something totally unrelated to anything I had done before, but fun and in an interesting place. I learned something really, really important.

Most people can be trained to do just about anything, if they’re interested in learning it.

I remembered that for a long, long time and still believe it to this day. Follow your heart, not a plan. Make smart decisions, not safe ones.


Say “Thanks, Every Day” – It’s the Best Lesson

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“Saying Thanks Every Day”

creates a revolution of thanks and welcome…

“Say Thanks,” that’s the idea that made me a finalist

in the Great Johnny Bunko Challenge.

Hi, I’m Ed Brenegar. Thank you, Becky for the opportunity to share my idea with your tribe. I guess now it’s our tribe, since you garnered me an invite to join. Thank you very much.

Why “Say, Thanks, Every Day?”

Why is this idea the best 7th Johnny Bunko lesson?

I see the six lessons as a circle beginning with “There is no path” and ending with “Make an imprint.” This is not a linear line of achievement. We must continue to chart our own path, making our own imprint. What completes this circle is the realization that we never do this alone.

  • We are successful in life due to the kindness and generosity of others.
  • Therefore, Saying Thanks, Every Day, completes the circle.

While that is a nice idea, and people have told me this, they don’t see it as important as “Doing It Now” or “Staying Hungry.”
I can understand that if all you are doing is passing along sweet little thanks here and there.

Actually, I’m thinking of something very different. I’m thinking about the power of gratitude to fuel our personal relationships in the organizational world. Consider this with me for a moment.

To give thanks is to focus on something that someone else has done for me. Regardless of what it is. It may be an invitation. A word of advice. Assistance in the organization of a project. A connection to a person who brings new business opportunities. It could be anything.

“When we tell them thanks, we are not only making a connection, but we are opening up the relationship to future possibilities for how we both might benefit one another.”

If we were to practice this type of relationship on a daily basis, would we be worried about where the next job, the next client, the next customer, then next opportunity would come from? No, I don’t think so. An attitude of gratitude opens us up to opportunities that we would never see otherwise.

What I’m suggesting

is that at the heart of all our business and professional relationships

should be gratitude.

It is the beginning and the end of the circle

that encompasses Johnny Bunko’s six lessons.

As this contest has progressed, I began as Becky has done, to contact friends and family to vote. Some of my friends did a great job of spreading the word and the votes came in. Thanks Tom and David. When the vote totals began to change that first week, I began to see something that I had not seen before. I saw a changed world emerging. I saw the power of gratitude changing the way the world works.

Whether you vote for Becky or me, doesn’t matter in the larger scheme of life. What matters is that you stay hungry to do the things that matter. More than ever, we need to spend each day expressing our gratitude to the people who have made a difference in our lives.

I believe it is time to create a revolution of thanks and welcome.

If we lived this way, do you think the world would be in the mess it is today? For all you skeptics, all I ask is that you go find one person and tell them thanks. And mean it when you do. Tell them why you are telling them. Then share a comment here at Becky’s blog or at my blog Leading Questions.

Thank you Becky for the opportunity share my idea. I’m honored to be your friend.

Dr. Mani & the Children Heart Foundation

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mani3Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian is a heart surgeon using his Internet marketing business to fund heart surgery for underprivileged children in India. After working with hundreds of patients over the years, he stayed hungry. Just doing surgery wasn’t enough. He stayed hungry:  learning how to blog and raise money using the internet. Why? So he could afford to keep treating children with heart problems.

Dr. Mani lives in India. He treats children born with congenital heart defects.

Heart surgery is expensive. Many of his patients, from poor families, cannot afford the cost of treatment. So he decided to sponsor the operations himself.

That was the simple concept behind the online adventure he started in 1996.

Ten years later, Dr. Mani’s team has raised over $100,000 and funded heart surgery in 23 children, with many more to follow. He’s well on his way to achieving an ambitious mission – making high quality heart health care accessible and affordable to every Indian child.

Did one man do this all by himself?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. It was made possible by Dr. Mani’s network. Just as has made this website possible, a social network group of caring, generous, passionate people who want to make a difference, reach out with a helping hand, change the world, and make it a better place made HIS mission possible.

Folks just like you. They made it all possible.

subina1Some of them gave money. Others gave their time. And many helped spread the word – among friends, family and contacts. Over 1 million people have heard the message of Congenital Heart Defects awareness through this effort.

While this site may appear to be about getting you to vote for “Stay Hungry,” we’re really using it to show you WHY it’s important to “Stay Hungry” and to keep looking for ways to make your business, your life, and the lives of those around you better.

Thanks to the dedication and support, and the “Staying hungry” philosophy of thousands, many children are now alive, healthy, happy.

Dr. Mani’s core audience is primarily online business owners. Small and home business entrepreneurs, and work-from-home folks looking make some extra money. They understand the concepts of “Do it Now,” and “Give Thanks.” But they also know that none of us can afford to sit back and simply say we’re satisfied with success.

Many people didn’t have much to give Dr. Mani’s program or those like it. Still, they gave generously. And this made Dr. Mani think about how much more impactful it would be if he could help boost their businesses, and make them more profitable. (There’s that “staying hungry” thing again!!!)

If he could help them, they would have more money, and in turn, they could give more money to help children get new hearts or have their broken ones mended.

Choosing this direction as his new initiative to fundraising for the “heart kids,” Dr. Mani embarked on an exciting voyage of business education, coaching, and mentoring.

He created ebooks, courses, homestudy packages and one-on-one training programs to help online business owners get higher profitability and efficiency from everything they did. His product portfolio covers ezine marketing, list building, niche marketing, business optimization and infopreneuring.

IF he had not “stayed hungry,” he wouldn’t have changed the lives he has.

Thousands of business owners have benefited from his teaching. Dr. Mani has received worldwide recognition as an Internet marketing specialist. He is one of “99 Purple Cows” named by business guru and bestselling author, Seth Godin. He is ranked among the world’s top 50 online marketers in the index.

The heart surgeon for children is now also well known as an e-business coach and mentor.

Behind it all is a unifying thread that links his vast and growing social network together: a desire to help unfortunate children born with heart defects.

The same desire fuels his supporters. In many ways, with tireless energy and enthusiasm, they have embraced this purpose bigger than any individual or group, and grown it into a global movement.

sowbarnika4The Dr. Mani Children Heart Foundation network has become a force that continues to spread awareness about deadly congenital heart defects that threaten thousands of little lives, and raise funds to sponsor life-saving surgery to help these young warriors survive and thrive.

If you want to join hands in this passionate effort, it is our pleasure and honor to have you along. Let’s help a child live.

How can you help Dr. Mani?

By joining the conversation.

It is happening in many places, on different levels. Some partners are talking about the work done by the CHD Foundation, showcasing the impact and suffering caused by congenital heart defects and explaining what needs to be done to fix it.

Others are discussing Dr. Mani’s business optimization products and services, because by spreading the word and making more people aware about them, they are increasing sales, and indirectly raising funds to help the “heart kids.” In 2006, the contribution from sales profits to the Foundation was a little over $25,000. This figure has been growing steadily every year.

Many fans of the CHD awareness effort have asked what exactly they can do to help. A few are veterans of online buzz and know how to maximize the impact of what they do to spread the word. Others (maybe you?) aren’t quite sure.

That’s why Dr. Mani created a short ebooklet. It has 10 pages. In it is a brief explanation of how, what and why you may want to take some specific steps to help sustain and extend the conversation around Dr. Mani and the congenital heart defects awareness effort.

Conversations happen around brands. And brands spread messages. The brand named “Dr. Mani” stands for a serious, important, powerful message.

Keep the conversation growing. Help the brand get wider recognition. Get the message to reach more and more people.

You’ll help one child with congenital heart defects. Or many.

Dr. Mani says, “Thank you from my heart for your support, participation and encouragement.”

On behalf of the team at Dr. Mani Children Heart Foundation, Saving a Heart Child’s Life:

“We’re all about results. $109,501 raised. 23 children heart operations sponsored. Over 532 donors contributed between $5 and $15,000. Every little bit goes to save a child’s life. Help us – if you can.”

GIVE – you will help a child live.


We think Stay Hungry is the most powerful pick for Johnny Bunko’s Lesson Seven. If you think so too, please click here and add your vote.

Daniel Edlen: Hungry, not Starving, Artist

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You don’t have to starve to be a successful artist, but you do have to stay hungry. Hungry to create, to share your  creations, and ultimately, to ignite in others your own passion for culture, art and music. Just ask Daniel Edlen, vinyl artist.

“I hand paint portraits of musicians and entertainers on vinyl recordings of their performances. I call it Vinyl Art. I came up with the idea as a teenager back around ‘92. My dad had turned me onto The Beatles on vinyl, and my mom volunteered at the library handling used book and record donations. I got first pick of the records, which didn’t sell well. Amassing duplicates of my favorite albums, I did about 6 of them and lost interest.


“Some work-friends suggested I see if people’d go for them as holiday gifts in ‘06 and they sold. I’m not getting rich off of my work, but that’s not the reason I paint. My story is about connecting people with people, with their culture, with their memories, with their music. It makes people feel warm inside to think about their music. The troubles and destruction and negativity in the world quiet for a moment.

“My story has also become about giving. Giving Vinyl Art as a gift works out well for all involved. And giving to charity through my art does , too. It has become a very important outlet for me – a kind of therapy. But also a way to connect myself to my art to make it meaningful.”

It’s that inner drive to stay connected – to go on creating – that keeps artists hungry. They wouldn’t have it any other way. Few understand this as well as Becky Blanton, author, journalist, photographer and, hopefully, winner of the Chapter 7, Johnny Bunko writing contest. Becky’s written  Staying Hungry and has been selected as one of three finalists. If, like Becky, you understand the role Staying Hungry plays in creating art, please vote for (3) Staying Hungry on the Johnny Bunko website.

Learn more about Daniel’s art. Visit  Edlen’s blog and You Tube Channel.


We think Stay Hungry is the most powerful pick for Johnny Bunko’s Lesson Seven. If you think so too, please click here and add your vote.

4 PAWS… Hungry to help disabled children

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“Staying hungry” means finding a way to help the people around you – looking for ways to take action, to give back, to improve the life of someone less fortunate than yourself. Judy Vorfeld of Peoria, Arizona, has stayed hungry. Judy found a way to give back to disabled children by being the webmaster for a site called “4PawsForAbility,” an organization that trains dogs not just for the blind, but trains service dogs for children with all disabilities.

Photo of Alex and Treasure at graduationJudy edits and writes online content, edits all types of documents and manuscripts, helps with website start-ups and makeovers, and integrates marketing knowledge into any task, if needed. She said she also enjoys solving business presentation problems. Many talented and skilled people don’t know how to describe themselves or their businesses well, and often an extra pair of eyes can help open possibilities.

Judy is one of those people. She has a particular passion for helping children with disabilities, and is the webmaster for three sites dedicated to those issues. She has always been an advocate of community service, and does as much volunteer work as she can. A photographer and graphic editor, she has several websites that offer services, articles, and tools for better small business development. Her main business site is Editing and Writing Services, a division of Office Support Services, which has her blog, ezine, and easy ezine template. She also has a site for her redigitized photography, one for Webgrammar, and her own personal site, which is a blend of her life in Washington State, Hawaii, and Arizona.

On the 4Paws for Ability site she writes:
The disorders listed here don’t begin to cover the emotions and issues threatening families of children with disabilities. The children shown below (and their families) seek your help in a project that will replace bleakness and despair with hope and vitality. Perhaps you can find a way to help make some dreams come true. 4Paws For Ability is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible.

If you want to put faces and stories to these children, then go here

annabellelThis is Annabelle and her brother, Owen.


4 Paws For Ability is raising money for a multipurpose assistance dog for Owen and Annabelle Luschei. Owen is five years old and has autism. Annabelle is three years old and has epilepsy.

Their mother, Angie Luschei, says, “For my son, the dog would provide safety, social and emotional needs. Right now Owen has a stuffed dog that he takes everywhere. He has been asking me for a dog for years. His therapists use his stuffed dog as a motivational tool.

“A real dog would be a dream come true for him. When I ask him why he wants a dog he answers ‘to love.’ He is a very sweet little boy who loves animals.

“Owen is a very happy little boy and has a lot of enthusiasm. He wants friends very badly, and it can be difficult with his language delay. He also has a lot of anxiety and sensory issues. He tries very hard and never gives up, but there is much he is not able to do which can be very frustrating.

“A dog will help motivate him and help calm him. It would also help him interact socially with other people.

“Annabelle is creative and full of energy. She has suffered from seizures for the past two years. It is scary for everyone when she has a seizure. We have had many ER visits. I have trouble sleeping because I am afraid she will have a seizure at night and choke.

“Three times I have heard her choking or just happened to check on her while she was having a seizure while on her back. When she has a seizure and is on her back her airway is blocked. After a seizure she falls into a deep sleep.

“I’m constantly afraid that I will wake up one morning and find Annabelle died because I didn’t hear her when she had a seizure at night. To have a dog that could alert me to her seizure would allow me to actually sleep at night without the guilt and fear. An assistance dog could save her life.

“We all love dogs and the the assistant dog would be a huge source of comfort. I can’t fully express the joy a multipurpose assistant dog would bring to our entire family. You can help us by making a tax-deductible donation to 4 Paws for Ability in honor of Owen and Annabelle Luschei. For more information about Owen and Annabelle you can contact Angie Luschei.

“Thank You for reading about our family and helping us make our family’s dream come true.”

* * *

Sadly, some children this year weren’t able to get their dogs on time because Quantas Airlines *cheated* 4Paws For Ability out of $33,000 dollars that was to be used for dogs. Shortly after July 16, 2008 when CNN taps Karen Shirk as Hero , the nightmare for Shirk began. Prior to that:

“It’s the magic of dogs.” That’s how Karen Shirk explains the ability of service dogs to help children suffering from autism. “I’m sure there’s some sort of scientific explanation,” she says. “But I call it magic.” Shirk was featured online, including a story and several videos, and her coverage got a brief intro July 17 on The Larry King Live Show on CNN. But after that positive story came one of heart break, after Quantas Airlines refused to give back $33,000 to the organization after refusing to let the dogs fly on their airlines. The media coverage below tells the story:

  • August 14, 2008, A Dog of a Deal From Qantas. A mix-up that has left three Waikato families facing large bills for the transportation of specially trained dogs from the US has shown Qantas treats its customers with about as much respect as the pooches it was flying. After two years of fundraising for the autism assistance dogs to help their children with behavioural issues, the families face more heartache in the form of an unexpected $33,000 bill for flying the dogs from Los Angeles.
  • August 11, 2008 Waikato Times, New Zealand, Cash aid kicks off for Autism Assistance dogs’ costs, Donations have already begun rolling in for the three Waikato families left with a $33,000 bill after Qantas blocked their Autism Assistance dogs from being taken aboard a plane at Los Angeles Airport. But the airline itself has not fronted up.
  • Blog by Forsythe Qantas: Service Dogs Not Allowed
  • August 9, 2008 New Zealand Herald. $33K bill after dogs banned from flight. Three Waikato families are facing a bill of $33,000 after three dogs being brought to New Zealand to help autistic patients were banned from a Qantas flight in Los Angeles.
  • August 9, 2008 Channel 3 News, New Zealand, Article and Video about Airline drama for dearly beloved dogs Dogs that help people with autism have arrived in New Zealand for the first time but not without an unexpected drama with their flight. The dogs were blocked from boarding a Qantas flight in Los Angeles – a mixup that will cost their owners more than $34,000.
  • August 9, 2008 Waikato Times, New Zealand, Flight is worse than their bark By Natalie Akoorie. Three Waikato families have been stung with a $33,000 bill after the Autism Assistance dogs they spent two years fundraising for were blocked from boarding a Qantas flight at Los Angeles Airport.
  • August 9, 2008 Waikato Times, New Zealand, New friends to stand by us by Peter Drury. Life and learning will never be the same for Sloan Ewens, 6, and Sara Pairaudeau, 9, thanks to their new Autism Assistance dogs Woogie and Maddy. Waikato Times chief photographer Peter Drury followed the Hamilton children from the moment they received the dogs from the 4 Paws For Ability centre in Ohio, America.
  • July 18, 2008 TOPEKA, KANSAS Help for Topeka 4-year old Could Come with Four Paws by Melissa Brunner, If it weren’t for the helmet he wears, you wouldn’t think JJ Krentz was different from any other four-year old. His mom, Tiffanie, describes him as rambunctious and high energy, always laughing with a big, bright smile. But JJ also has Dravet Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes seizures and cognitive delays. Tiffanie and Kevin don’t know when the next seizure might hit….Tiffanie says people can fall from a seizure and suffer a brain injury, or they may suffer one in their sleep “and they don’t wake up the next morning.” JJ’s family is trying to raise $11,000 so they can purchase a dog specially trained to alert them when a seizure is coming on.
We think Stay Hungry is the most powerful pick for Johnny Bunko’s Lesson Seven. If you think so too, please click here and add your vote.

“Staying hungry” is “Hungry for more, hungry for change, hungry for action!”

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Some 3,000 people can’t be wrong. Especially when they join together to create something to change the world.

Red Maxwell's LogoFor the last six months thousands of people from the business world, music, graphics, publishing: every industry imaginable in 52 countries have come together to join Seth Godin’s Out of the masses several hundred people became insanely active – using the network to learn, blog, write, create, and discover the concept of “Tribes” that Seth Godin set forth in his book by the same name. (The book “Tribes,” by the way, became Seth’s number ten best seller and was voted book of the year in 2008 by 800-CEO-read).

The only hoop to jump through to join was prepurchasing the book and agreeing that what happened IN triiibes, stayed in tribes. We’re honoring that. However. Along the way, a core group of really hungry people got together. We decided to answer Seth Godin’s challenge to “Lead” outside of And we did. If you thought doing anything by committee was a nightmare, you might have run screaming from the room when you were asked to write (as a committee of 3,500) an ebook of “Case Studies” about tribes. But we did it. It’s available, all 240+ pages of it, HERE.

It was tasty. But we were HUNGRY. So, shortly after that, we decided people had questions and answers about what it meant to “be” a tribe. How did you find a tribe? How should you lead? So another devoted, and ‘hundred-plus’ group of members produced another ebook, designed by Paul Durban, designer and cartoonist (check out his Bolofeesh), edited by brilliant writer, creator, editor and vlogcast star Megan Elizabeth Morris (also one of the finalists for Seth Godin’s alternative MBA program by the way!!!). From Down Under, Triiibes member Bernadette Jiwa (creator of, Australia, started, a website that embraces the concept of “hungry” – meaning “Hungry for MORE, Hungry for ACTION.” The philosophy of the site she started and members contribute to says emphatically, “Individuals have more power to effect change than ever before.” shares information on issues which are ready for change, and connects those who are ready to change them. Like Bernadette says, “We’ll show you how tiny incremental actions can have enormous effects.”

Then of course there’s Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian. Dr. Mani is a heart surgeon who is using his internet marketing business to fund heart surgery for under-privileged children in India. If you “Stay hungry,” there’s always a way.

If you don’t believe, as Margaret Mead said:

“Never doubt that a small group of dedicated people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Then again, you might be on this page by mistake. Because as members of, we ARE hungry, and are staying hungry. Because staying hungry isn’t about being starving businesspeople.

“Staying hungry” is about being “Hungry for more, hungry for change, hungry for action!”

We think Stay Hungry is the most powerful pick for Johnny Bunko’s Lesson Seven. If you think so too, please click here and add your vote.

The really scary thing…

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Zombies are scary – and here’s a FREE ebook you can download to find out why!!

Take a look at our FREE PDF ebook!

Zombie Cover

Zombie Cover

The really scary thing no one tells you about life and your career is that you never arrive. Nope. Of course if you “settle,” then you end up a vegetable: a carrot growing in some cubicle farm somewhere. You punch a clock, collect your paycheck, kiss the boss’ behind, keep your mouth shut until you get laid off and have to start the whole process over again. Joy.

“But I’m going to create a kick-ass piece of software or an app for the freaking iPhone, sell it and retire!” Yeah. You and how many other teenagers? The truth? Even if you create that software, build the best mousetrap or even win the freaking lotter:  ONE thing never changes. You’re only as good as the last best thing you did. If you aren’t staying hungry, unsatisfied, out there looking, digging, and hustling, you’re dead.

‘Cause the guy who is hungry, really hungry, already has YOU in his sights. And he’s closing fast, babycakes. Like a ZOMBIE. He’s on your ass. And it is grass.

Tasty Flesh Zombies

If you’re not hungry, not looking for more, better, different, then you’re cooked. ‘Cause the rest of the world is doing just that. Yeah, “Do it Now” is a lesson. Do it Now or it won’t get done and you sure won’t win. But if you just “Do it Now,” like “just make a decision,” or “get married,” or “start a new career” or whatever it is…that’s JUST the first step.

It’s STAYING HUNGRY that makes you keep doing it. And every step of the way – yeah, be thankful. Some days, like the days you get to eat, the days you break even…heck, especially the days you make a profit or pull ahead:  Thank EVERYBODY! No one gets anywhere without gratitude dude.

So STAYING HUNGRY is the meta-concept. And “Do it Now” and “Be Thankful” fall under that. Those two lessons are important. Staying hungry is CRITICAL.

We think Stay Hungry is the most powerful pick for Johnny Bunko’s Lesson Seven. If you think so too, please click here and add your vote.


Who the hell is Johnny Bunko?

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Johnny BunkoIn the book, Johnny Bunko, Johnny learns the six career lessons no one ever told him. Too bad he didn’t grow up next door to Harry Potter, or a Chinese Restaurant. But hey, better late than never. The six simple strategies to success?

1.  There is no plan.
2.  Think strengths, not weaknesses.
3.  It’s not about you.
4.  Persistence trumps talent.
5.  Make excellent mistakes.
6.  Leave an imprint.

But what about Lesson Seven?

Lesson Seven, which we won’t find out about until Daniel Pink reveals the most popular answer of his three- question final competition, will be either, (A) Do it Now, (B) Be thankful or (C) Stay Hungry. I’m opting for Stay Hungry of course because that’s not only MY answer, but what I believe is the BEST answer to the “career question”…and this blog is about why. To read the latest posts – click on “Archives.”

Stay Hungry

If I win the contest, an all-expense paid trip to the 2009 Global TED conference, I’ll blog about that. Cool beans. Insider stuff, video (as much as they’ll let me take!) and whatever. If I lose (sigh) then this blog will still be called “Lesson Seven,” only it’ll be about how to Stay Hungry and how to get successful doing whatever it is you’re doing. Deal? You win either way.

We think Stay Hungry is the most powerful pick for Johnny Bunko’s Lesson Seven. If you think so too, please click here and add your vote.

This… is Johnny Bunko

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And now author Daniel Pink is adding a seventh lesson…but what will it be? That’s what this blog is all about! Go here and vote. Not necessarily for me (although I think I have the best lesson: Stay Hungry) but vote YOUR gut…

Your choices:

(A) Do it Now
(B) Be Thankful or
(C) Stay Hungry

We think Stay Hungry is the most powerful pick for Johnny Bunko’s Lesson Seven. If you think so too, please click here and add your vote.