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“Staying hungry” is “Hungry for more, hungry for change, hungry for action!”

In Lessons, Stories, on December 25, 2008 at 5:13 am

Some 3,000 people can’t be wrong. Especially when they join together to create something to change the world.

Red Maxwell's LogoFor the last six months thousands of people from the business world, music, graphics, publishing: every industry imaginable in 52 countries have come together to join Seth Godin’s Out of the masses several hundred people became insanely active – using the network to learn, blog, write, create, and discover the concept of “Tribes” that Seth Godin set forth in his book by the same name. (The book “Tribes,” by the way, became Seth’s number ten best seller and was voted book of the year in 2008 by 800-CEO-read).

The only hoop to jump through to join was prepurchasing the book and agreeing that what happened IN triiibes, stayed in tribes. We’re honoring that. However. Along the way, a core group of really hungry people got together. We decided to answer Seth Godin’s challenge to “Lead” outside of And we did. If you thought doing anything by committee was a nightmare, you might have run screaming from the room when you were asked to write (as a committee of 3,500) an ebook of “Case Studies” about tribes. But we did it. It’s available, all 240+ pages of it, HERE.

It was tasty. But we were HUNGRY. So, shortly after that, we decided people had questions and answers about what it meant to “be” a tribe. How did you find a tribe? How should you lead? So another devoted, and ‘hundred-plus’ group of members produced another ebook, designed by Paul Durban, designer and cartoonist (check out his Bolofeesh), edited by brilliant writer, creator, editor and vlogcast star Megan Elizabeth Morris (also one of the finalists for Seth Godin’s alternative MBA program by the way!!!). From Down Under, Triiibes member Bernadette Jiwa (creator of, Australia, started, a website that embraces the concept of “hungry” – meaning “Hungry for MORE, Hungry for ACTION.” The philosophy of the site she started and members contribute to says emphatically, “Individuals have more power to effect change than ever before.” shares information on issues which are ready for change, and connects those who are ready to change them. Like Bernadette says, “We’ll show you how tiny incremental actions can have enormous effects.”

Then of course there’s Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian. Dr. Mani is a heart surgeon who is using his internet marketing business to fund heart surgery for under-privileged children in India. If you “Stay hungry,” there’s always a way.

If you don’t believe, as Margaret Mead said:

“Never doubt that a small group of dedicated people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Then again, you might be on this page by mistake. Because as members of, we ARE hungry, and are staying hungry. Because staying hungry isn’t about being starving businesspeople.

“Staying hungry” is about being “Hungry for more, hungry for change, hungry for action!”

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