The really scary thing…

In Miscellaneous on December 25, 2008 at 3:06 am

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Zombie Cover

Zombie Cover

The really scary thing no one tells you about life and your career is that you never arrive. Nope. Of course if you “settle,” then you end up a vegetable: a carrot growing in some cubicle farm somewhere. You punch a clock, collect your paycheck, kiss the boss’ behind, keep your mouth shut until you get laid off and have to start the whole process over again. Joy.

“But I’m going to create a kick-ass piece of software or an app for the freaking iPhone, sell it and retire!” Yeah. You and how many other teenagers? The truth? Even if you create that software, build the best mousetrap or even win the freaking lotter:  ONE thing never changes. You’re only as good as the last best thing you did. If you aren’t staying hungry, unsatisfied, out there looking, digging, and hustling, you’re dead.

‘Cause the guy who is hungry, really hungry, already has YOU in his sights. And he’s closing fast, babycakes. Like a ZOMBIE. He’s on your ass. And it is grass.

Tasty Flesh Zombies

If you’re not hungry, not looking for more, better, different, then you’re cooked. ‘Cause the rest of the world is doing just that. Yeah, “Do it Now” is a lesson. Do it Now or it won’t get done and you sure won’t win. But if you just “Do it Now,” like “just make a decision,” or “get married,” or “start a new career” or whatever it is…that’s JUST the first step.

It’s STAYING HUNGRY that makes you keep doing it. And every step of the way – yeah, be thankful. Some days, like the days you get to eat, the days you break even…heck, especially the days you make a profit or pull ahead:  Thank EVERYBODY! No one gets anywhere without gratitude dude.

So STAYING HUNGRY is the meta-concept. And “Do it Now” and “Be Thankful” fall under that. Those two lessons are important. Staying hungry is CRITICAL.

We think Stay Hungry is the most powerful pick for Johnny Bunko’s Lesson Seven. If you think so too, please click here and add your vote.


  1. Congratulations Becky! Who would have thought that two words could be so powerful? Especially you, who has a talent for producing so many words, I’m glad you’ve been recognized for producing a superior twordle.

  2. Great Job Becky! Once again your words have inspired me.

  3. I voted for Stay Hungry because I agree with the concept. Do it now sounds a lot like Just do it (Is that fair?) and be thankful every day is a “lesson” we only seem to learn the hard way, which is a shame. I hope you or whoever submitted Stay Hungry wins but the cliche seems to be in the lead. Good luck.

  4. This story whets my appetite, I was hungry when i startetd reading it, and I’m ravenously hungry now!

    Where do i vote???

    ‘Staying Hungry’ is the passionate embodiment of kaizen, the japanese concept of continuous improvement. Thank you, Becky, I’m HUNGRY for MORE!

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