Martin Whitmore

Please read the free Stay Hungry ebook that Marty illustrated (it’s awesome)! You can find it by clicking this link right here. Careful of the walking dead!

Martin Whitmore is the dangerous and brilliant evil illustrator behind, Tasty Flesh, and Pace & Kyeli’s The Usual Error. Marty is a rampant madman obsessed with scantily-clad pinup girls, Lovecraftian abominations and the walking dead. If anyone understands Stay Hungry, it’s this twisted architect of zombie dystopian terror. Brains, anyone?

VB Peek

Just a few of Marty’s awesome projects:

Marty’s signed on to help Becky promote her submission for Lesson Seven because staying hungry is the most important thing an artist can do for himself to help him get ahead. It applies to anyone (not just crazed zombie illustrators) and it’s less obvious (and less safe) than the other options. If you stay hungry, you keep striving, keep working for more, keep creating, keep moving forward. If you stay hungry, you cover more ground — you grow faster.

More of Marty’s work:

We think Stay Hungry is the most powerful pick for Johnny Bunko’s Lesson Seven. If you think so too, please click here and add your vote.

Swiss Army Marty

  1. […] close until tomorrow) but I’m pretty damn proud of us. I have had such a FUN week! Becky and Marty, who worked their asses off, and the folks who helped us out, and the Triiibe that got behind us. […]

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