Hungry People

“Congratulations. You’re a finalist in the Johnny Bunko competition.” That’s how I remember, all I remember from the email I received from Daniel Pink last week – shortly before he announced it to the world that there were three finalists.  Other people actually got to the page and voted for me before I got there. I was busy posting to that they needed to go vote, but to go vote for the BEST answer or lesson, not just for me. I’m not really big on popularity contests, or someone winning something because they have more friends.

All three lessons were and are, not only good lessons, but necessary if your “career” is going to get off the couch. The other two lessons however, are obvious.  They’re necessary of course. But obvious. Easy.

What’s going to propel you off of the cubicle farm before you become a carrot, or corporate couch potato is HUNGER. Not for food. But for change. Hunger for action. Hunger for MORE!

A lotta people think once they “succeed” or reach the top of the ladder or the corporate food chain, that it’s easy to stay at the top. Sorry guys. Not true. If you aren’t “staying hungry,” as Steve Jobs told a commencement class at Stanford, then you won’t stay successful. “Keep looking. Don’t settle.” While you’re rolling around enjoying being fat and happy, your competitor is closing on you. THEY’RE staying hungry and are on the prowl for the next big thing, the next big discovery, the next big innovation. And if you’re not out there too – chances are REAL good it’s not going to try to hide in your lap.

I trusted people to understand that, to figure out what “Stay hungry” means. But I was wrong. It’s not sexy. It’s not edgy. It’s not all Nike inspiration. It’s just not. It’s hard. It’s unsettling. It’s NOT EASY. It means work. It means failing and getting up and going back to find something else that will work. Geesh….who wants to vote for that? Well, the few who *get it* do. The few that understand success is something you have to achieve, not luck into. The people that get through “The Dip” are people who understand “Stay Hungry.”  They understand what it means to be remarkable, to be unique, to be the best at being themselves.

I hope you’re one of those. If you’ve found and read this post, you probably are. So go vote: Vote for “Stay Hungry” because it’s a message people need to hear more than “Do it Now.” Nike already cornered that market.

“Be thankful,” is something we all do if we understand gratitude and our mothers raised us right. Vote for “Stay Hungry” because you want Daniel Pink, speechwriter for Al Gore, award winning, best selling author – to explore what it means to “Stay Hungry” himself.

And if you don’t think I haven’t experienced staying hungry, then check out this video.

We think Stay Hungry is the most powerful pick for Johnny Bunko’s Lesson Seven. If you think so too, please click here and add your vote.
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