Tales of the Magnificent Megan M.

In Read More on January 13, 2009 at 2:25 am

Badass WristwarmersMegan Elizabeth Morris is a font of knowledge, skill, determination and resourcefulness. She pushes to encourage others to meet (and surpass) their potential, and maintains that all people are capable of great things. (This means you. She’s not kidding.)

Megan is the internet genius lurking in dark corners behind The Usual Error Project, Martin Whitmore’s Evil Illustration Empire, as well as many other exciting undertakings (including pieces of this site and the ensuing Stay Hungry ebook). She picks up projects that give her a powerful sense of purpose, whether that means writing, design, development, ideastorming, marketing, inspiration, encouragement, connection, learning something new, and even, on occasion, the odd aria. ;}

As you can see, Staying Hungry is Megan’s primary motus operandi. She is a constant, devout proponent of growth, change, forward movement and increased happiness (no matter where you started). She has gotten where she is now, after many years, by being ravenous for new learning and understanding, new experiences, new people and new undertakings — and she doesn’t intend to stop here. (Or ever.)

Megan blogs like a fiend, and does a lot of other things, too. If you want to know more, the usual convenient link fu is below:

What Megan Does (And What She Can Do For You)
The Blog of Megan M.

We think Stay Hungry is the most powerful pick for Johnny Bunko’s Lesson Seven. If you think so too, please click here and add your vote.

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