Todd Silva stays hungry by giving away a dollar a day

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Todd Silva gives money away every day.  He tucks, drops, or leaves a dollar bill A DAY, EVERY DAY, somewhere where someone will find it. He rarely knows who finds it – businessman, mother, homeless person or student. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that he listened to the mysterious leading that told him to do it. Here’s his story, and below that, his personal essay on what it means to HIM personally to “Stay Hungry.”

“In mid 2007, I was in prayer one morning with a question on my mind. Three years prior, I had made some poor financial and investment decisions that were catastrophic to my whole family. And now, three years later, it looked like we were going to go under. I had tried everything from reading to workshops to support groups to extensive interviewing… but nothing was panning out.

The question I was asking in prayer was, “what do I do?” I had run out of ideas. I didn’t know how to get us back on track. I had no excuses either – as a degreed engineer, I should have known better.

I finally received my answer – and it was to give away a dollar a day. My initial thought was, “how can I when I don’t have anything left to give or to let go of?!” None of this made sense at first, until I quit trying to understand it with my mind, and began to feel it in my heart.

Now it is November 2008, and I’m still giving away. I was also blessed with a fantastic job a couple months after I began, and many more wonderful miracles have been happening in my life since.

I now realize that what I did was let go of what I was fearing to lose. Go ahead and read that again… There is immense power in those words.”

What does Staying Hungry mean to me?

Well, when I’m hungry, I’m motivated. I’m no longer in my comfort zone. And
it’s not near as bad as it sounds, because this is also when my most
creative ideas have come in!

I’m the founder of Give Away A Dollar A Day, the world wide movement that’s
all about unconditional giving. I received the inspiration to start it
during a period in my life when many things had gone wrong, mostly
financially. Without the cushy job and income that I had gotten so used to,
and not having a clue as to how to get back on track, I was eventually left
with no other choice but to “let go” in my continued search for a solution.
Now, I would never have done this, and Give Away A Dollar A Day would never
have been born, if I had remained in my comfort zone.

So my suggestion to you is – get hungry. And then, Stay Hungry. You’ll stay
motivated. You’ll be wide open for creativity to flow into you. And your
life will become all about possibilities!!

PS – THIS is why I voted for Becky in the Great Johnny Bunko Challenge! 🙂

To hear Todd talk about his program listen to him on BlogTalkRadio
Or visit his site to read the inspiring stories of people who have both given and received.
His website is:


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