Greg Digneo’s 30-Day-Diary

In 1 on January 6, 2009 at 9:59 am

Greg Digneo is hungry and sharing it with the world. Greg, an engineer, wil be losing his job next month due to downsizing, but he decided not to sit around and cry in his cheerios about it. Instead, he started a wonderful blog, one that Seth Godin gave a 9.5 out of a possible 10 in terms of “excellent beginner blogs” to.

What’s it about? It’s about how HE plans to start a business to make $500 a week in 30 days. Specific, detailed, and helpful. And the man’s not selling anyone anything – he’s simply put together a business plan that he believes will have him making the money he needs to make when his other job ends in Feb.  Here’s his first post. You’ll have to go to to read the rest. The lesson is – if you’re not staying hungry and looking for more, if something like a layoff hits YOU (and in this economy that’s likely), then you’re out of luck my friend. Greg’s halfway through his challenge to himself. Check him out and see how close he is to success, or at least, as Johnny Bunko learned – an excellent mistake!

Greg begins:

How to make $500.00 a week in 30 days?

Here are my current assets:  This blog, an idea I truely believe in, and I have you, a terrific support system.  I plan on investing approximately $500.00.  My first caveat, this isn’t a hard limit.

Here is my second caveat.  I have been mulling over and developing this idea for about a year now.  The idea is to connect entrepreneurs and small business owners to people who have the capability to bring these ideas to fruition.  So, if you are someone who has a product idea, then I want to find you an engineer/craftsman/machinist/etc. to help you build that idea.  If you are an engineering company, machinist, craftsman, I want to find you eager businesses to work with.

Why $500.00?  Well, that is about how much it would cost for me to squeak by to support myself.  In other words, it buys me time.

Why 30 days?  2 reasons: 1) I will be forced to take an immediate action and 2) I might just be too busy to realize I can’t do this.  My third caveat:  I will work weekends, and not count those as part of my days.

It seems to me that Ning can be the perfect platform to do most of this.  My marketing efforts are inspired by two people: Seth Godin and Chris Brogan.  Seth is a huge proponent of building a tribe; while Chris laid the tactical foundation on which to do so:

Step 1: Start a blog

Step 2: Set up outposts on which to talk to people on an individual basis

Step 3: Write for my audience

Step 4: Experiment


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