Canadian Chris Corrigan – staying hungry

In 1 on January 4, 2009 at 9:24 pm

chriscorriganMaybe it’s the mix of  two worlds –  the upper and middle class Irish and Scottish on his father’s side, the farming and working class of his mother’s people. But whatever it is, it’s given Chris Corrigan a natural ease in moving among the lives of people on both sides of life. Like most successful people, he’s stayed hungry, always looking for what’s around the corner, eager to learn, to do, to grow, to give back. He recently had his chance.

Chris lives on Bowen Island in British Columbia, and there’s been a lot of snow there these last couple weeks — which is unusual for Bowen Island. With government on holiday and no official information available, here’s what he did (from his blog):

As a fan of passion bounded by responsibility, I decided yesterday morning to set up a weblog which provides a space for the crowd to get to work. The idea is that people will visit to check on road conditions and while they are there, leave a comment about how things are in their neck of the woods. It’s a gift exchange and so far it’s working marvelously. Yesterday, up for half a day, the blog had posts from 7 people describing conditions on most of the major roads on our Island. Today with a massive snowfall (30cms) ongoing since early morning, we have had reports from 16 people covering all of the major routes on the Island. Even the bus company folks wrote to announce schedule cancellations.

He went on to add:

What amazes me is what a small group of us can do, in responding to a need, in so short a time using freely available tools. We’re lucky that this has happened while we have had a little time, being snowbound and all over the holidays, but when there is a need, it’s amazing to see what can come of it.

Staying hungry. It changes lives.


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