Say “Thanks, Every Day” – It’s the Best Lesson

In 1 on December 28, 2008 at 11:28 pm

“Saying Thanks Every Day”

creates a revolution of thanks and welcome…

“Say Thanks,” that’s the idea that made me a finalist

in the Great Johnny Bunko Challenge.

Hi, I’m Ed Brenegar. Thank you, Becky for the opportunity to share my idea with your tribe. I guess now it’s our tribe, since you garnered me an invite to join. Thank you very much.

Why “Say, Thanks, Every Day?”

Why is this idea the best 7th Johnny Bunko lesson?

I see the six lessons as a circle beginning with “There is no path” and ending with “Make an imprint.” This is not a linear line of achievement. We must continue to chart our own path, making our own imprint. What completes this circle is the realization that we never do this alone.

  • We are successful in life due to the kindness and generosity of others.
  • Therefore, Saying Thanks, Every Day, completes the circle.

While that is a nice idea, and people have told me this, they don’t see it as important as “Doing It Now” or “Staying Hungry.”
I can understand that if all you are doing is passing along sweet little thanks here and there.

Actually, I’m thinking of something very different. I’m thinking about the power of gratitude to fuel our personal relationships in the organizational world. Consider this with me for a moment.

To give thanks is to focus on something that someone else has done for me. Regardless of what it is. It may be an invitation. A word of advice. Assistance in the organization of a project. A connection to a person who brings new business opportunities. It could be anything.

“When we tell them thanks, we are not only making a connection, but we are opening up the relationship to future possibilities for how we both might benefit one another.”

If we were to practice this type of relationship on a daily basis, would we be worried about where the next job, the next client, the next customer, then next opportunity would come from? No, I don’t think so. An attitude of gratitude opens us up to opportunities that we would never see otherwise.

What I’m suggesting

is that at the heart of all our business and professional relationships

should be gratitude.

It is the beginning and the end of the circle

that encompasses Johnny Bunko’s six lessons.

As this contest has progressed, I began as Becky has done, to contact friends and family to vote. Some of my friends did a great job of spreading the word and the votes came in. Thanks Tom and David. When the vote totals began to change that first week, I began to see something that I had not seen before. I saw a changed world emerging. I saw the power of gratitude changing the way the world works.

Whether you vote for Becky or me, doesn’t matter in the larger scheme of life. What matters is that you stay hungry to do the things that matter. More than ever, we need to spend each day expressing our gratitude to the people who have made a difference in our lives.

I believe it is time to create a revolution of thanks and welcome.

If we lived this way, do you think the world would be in the mess it is today? For all you skeptics, all I ask is that you go find one person and tell them thanks. And mean it when you do. Tell them why you are telling them. Then share a comment here at Becky’s blog or at my blog Leading Questions.

Thank you Becky for the opportunity share my idea. I’m honored to be your friend.


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