Who the hell is Johnny Bunko?

In Miscellaneous on December 25, 2008 at 2:16 am

Johnny BunkoIn the book, Johnny Bunko, Johnny learns the six career lessons no one ever told him. Too bad he didn’t grow up next door to Harry Potter, or a Chinese Restaurant. But hey, better late than never. The six simple strategies to success?

1.  There is no plan.
2.  Think strengths, not weaknesses.
3.  It’s not about you.
4.  Persistence trumps talent.
5.  Make excellent mistakes.
6.  Leave an imprint.

But what about Lesson Seven?

Lesson Seven, which we won’t find out about until Daniel Pink reveals the most popular answer of his three- question final competition, will be either, (A) Do it Now, (B) Be thankful or (C) Stay Hungry. I’m opting for Stay Hungry of course because that’s not only MY answer, but what I believe is the BEST answer to the “career question”…and this blog is about why. To read the latest posts – click on “Archives.”

Stay Hungry

If I win the contest, an all-expense paid trip to the 2009 Global TED conference, I’ll blog about that. Cool beans. Insider stuff, video (as much as they’ll let me take!) and whatever. If I lose (sigh) then this blog will still be called “Lesson Seven,” only it’ll be about how to Stay Hungry and how to get successful doing whatever it is you’re doing. Deal? You win either way.

We think Stay Hungry is the most powerful pick for Johnny Bunko’s Lesson Seven. If you think so too, please click here and add your vote.
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